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Ready; No idle devices available

Created: 27 May 2014 | 4 comments

I have been getting this status on one of the job on Backup Exec 12.5 version on my Windows server 2003 R2. The job has its own storage. It is online all the time. Hence this isnt a case where this status is displayed when other backup is running on same storage. I have been getting this for past 2 weeks. Please help me solve this.

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What type of storage is this?  Do you get any errors in Windows Event logs?  Make sure the device is in the Backup Exec 12.5 SCL.  

Try recreating the job,  also recreate the folder if this is a B2D job.

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The same backup job was running fine last month. So i dont think it has anything to do with configuration of job and storage. Its storage is IBM ultrium hh3 tape drive. 

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do a full power cycle of the tape drive by 

1. Power Off the Server completely 
2. Power off the Tape Drive then 
3. Power on the Tape Drive  wait till it is at a 'Ready' State then
4. Power on the Server


make sure the Backup Exec console is closed and run Tapeinst.exe from the Backup Exec folder to update the device drivers.

check for any alerts that need to be responded to.

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In addition, recreate your job.