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Reboot of library in cmd line

Created: 08 Mar 2014 • Updated: 09 Apr 2014 | 6 comments
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Hi Team,

We are using HP MSL G3 library for our duplication purpose.

Is it possible to reboot the library from the command line mode in Windows?

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Doubt it - I've never seen a library that can be rebooted from an operating system directly. 

You should be able to 'reboot' it from the libraries own console, usually web based.  Quite often though, although this may be called 'reboot' or 'reset' it is not a full power cycle.  This can only be achived via a full power off/ on.

Regards,  Martin
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Martin is correct as always.

See this document for how to reboot a MSL from the webconsole:

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Thanks for your quick response.

We face problems using the webconsole during some time,so i want to know if there is anyother possibilities that will help me

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.... i want to know if there is anyother possibilities ....

Yes! As per Martin's post - press Power button on the library.
If this is a remote site, you need someone on site to do this.

Best to discuss available options with your hardware vendor.

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You don't say how often you have to reboot the library.  With just about anything that is IT related, occassionally reboots are required, but for a library this should not be freuent, and if it is you are better fixing the cause of that, with your library vendor, then trying to work how to reboot it.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, the ony way is the library console, or, the power button.

Regards,  Martin
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Or config the webconsole correctly, just needs an IP assiging.

Unless of course the nic is fault, in which case h/w fix.

 I have one of these, works just fine over webconsole and of course the power switch on the front.