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Rebuild Symantec EV Application and Database

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 31 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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Hello All,

I'm using Symantec EV 9.0.2. The database and application are installed in separated servers : DB server (for database) and AP (for application) server. I'm having problem with the DB and AP servers. Is it possible to rebuild new DB and AP servers and using existing VaultStore ?

Thanks and Regards,


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What are the issues that you are facing?

But the long and short of the answer is you cannot rebuild a Directory database and keep the vault store
The two databases are inextricably linked and depend on each other. The directory database contains information for each policy, retention category, provisioning group, user provisioned, details about the users indexes, folder structures each archive etc

The Vault Store database contains information about each item stored and archived, and links back to the directory database at several points

One without the other is simply beyond repair which is why backups are essential

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Hi JesusWept3,

Thanks for that.

Actually, we're in the middle of new implementation Symantec EV. The DB, AP and VaultStore are using ESX 4.1 and connect to EMC LUN. We never backed up all of those (DB, AP and VaultStore). We have 2 VaultStores wight now. The problem is on the Second and The Biggest VaultStore : 1,4 TB. The VaultStore can't be accessed because we're having problem with our datastore but we can restore it into another Drive/Volume by using recovery software.

Below is current status :

1. The Second DataStore can't be accessed. But all of data in that datastore can be restored into another Drive/Volume by using recovery software.

2. DB Server, running normally. But we can't run backup for three databases : EVVSGMailContentStoreGroup_1_1, EnterpriseVaultDirectory and EVVSExchangeVaultStore1_1.

3. AP Server is running, but can't access the VaultStore

4. Index is running.



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If you have never backed these things up... how are you going to do the restore to a new drive/volume?

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Hello Rob,

The problem is for the VaultStore, because the datastore is missing but the LUN is exist in storage. I used "Partition Guru" to conecct directly into storage and do a recovery process.



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Im 99% sure here you are talking about a vault store partition. (You need to brush up on your EV terminology so we understand what is going on!)

Vault store partition = the on-disk location where all the saveset files...i.e the archived data is stored

Vault store = a SQL database used for storing references to the archived items in a vault store partition

So you lost your vault store partition from the sounds of it, and are able to do a complete or almost complete recovery, despite no backup (lucky you)

You potentially need to relocate the storage partition in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database :

Additionally, you should run EVSVR to check the integrity of the database against the vault store partition you have recovered. This will require a VERIFY against ARCHIVEOBJECTS



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Hi Rob,

I forgot to mention that our servers are using ESX 4.1. So all of Drives are Virtual Disks that are put in a VMware DataStore. The datastore is created from EMC LUN. The datastore is missing from VMware but still exist in EMC LUN (storage)

Hi Jeff,

Will follow up the URL you gave. Thank s for these.



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Okay I understand now.  Thanks for the clarification.

So is it like Jeff said whereby you've got the Vault Store DB.. no problem... but the actual data, the DVS files, and so on, have gone walkabout?  But still exist buried on the LUN?