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recalling or copying large numbers of archived items in Enterprise Vault for FS with Cellera Storage take along time

Created: 30 Aug 2012 | 6 comments
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we have Enterprise vault 10 sp1 that archive large  audio \graphics files in cellera  the average size is 100 mega per files

its take along time to recal a file,

how can I optimization the configuration

Thanks Ronen

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What is long ?

And what is the speed between the Celerra and the EV server ?

What specs does the EV and SQL server have ? Do you see any peaks on these servers during the recall ?

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it`s take 5 min to open a archive file, it`s not happen in regular files

I need to know if this article relevant for cellera


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Perhaps the first port of call really is to time how long it takes to copy a 100 Mb (ish) file from the Celerra to an end user workstation.

Also dtrace a retrieval of a similar file..  and then step through it to see where the more significant delays are.  If it takes 4.5 minutes to copy the file from Celerra to the workstation ... then there is little you can do, right?

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It`s take  10 sec to copy a file from workstation to cellera,

In archive explorer it`s working fine,but when I try to open a file with placeholder it`s take a long time.


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I think you'd need a bit more of an FSA expert than me, but I'd start with the network topology of device to workstation versus device to EV to workstation, and then do some dtraces.

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Are you using Pass through on the shortcuts or not. If not then the item is being moved twice. Once from EV to the storage and the second from the storage to the end user

Is there any firewalls or routers between the end user and the storage or EV?

The LAN design to the end user will also play a part in the recall time. 

Disk performance on the EV side can also be a factor to recall the items as well as if collections are being used

More detail would help to diagnose the issue