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Reclaiming Disk Space: There must be a better way...

Created: 18 Apr 2013 | 8 comments

Hello...I am using B.Exec 2012.

The problem is: I cannot easily see what data on a storage group is backed up to both Disk and Tape allowing me to then delete the backup set.

Presently I do the following: To determine what backup sets need to be sent to tape, I click on the Storage tab and then I double click the particular storage device (We'll call it drive S:). This shows me the backup sets  for the storage device. I have 10+ Servers sending data to this storage device. So, in order for me to see what data is on both Disk and Tape for each server, I have to now click on the Backup and Storage tab, click on All Servers (or a Server Group I may have created), and then double click the Server #1. And on the left hand side of screen I choose 'Backup Sets' from the 6 choices.  And this shows me the name of the backup sets and their corresponding dates they ran. If I see a particular backup set(s) that has both Disk and Tape stated as the storage location I then take a screeenshot so as to use momentarily. I then click on the Storage tab which shows me ALL the backup sets sent to that storage device. In this particular case I see over 200 backup sets. So, now I scroll to the backup set(s) that are the same as seen in the screenshot I just took. This screenshot ensures I delete the correct backup set as I compare the day and time of the backup set.

And I have to repeat this process for all of the Servers that send data to this storage group.

Is there an easier way?

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Sounds like you don't have a proper retention and DLM setup for your data?

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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Have a look @ this blog about Data Lifecycle Managament (DLM) which is responsiable for automatic reclaimation of backup data.

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As suggested above you may want to review how DLM works in B.E. 2012. Please see doc below

With the appropriate retention periods set and possibly the addition of a duplicate to tape stage in you jobs you should be able to accomplish what youre  trying to with a little less ongoing effort. 

I hope this posting was helpful


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Thank you for the replies. However, my issue remains for a 2 reasons.

1.  Our company wants data on tape for offsite I need to send to tape & reclaim the space.

2.  I run out of room on the disk storage before the DLM kicks in. And in some cases we need to keep data for 2 years.  For example...we have 12 Servers that need transaction logs saved. And since those jobs run 12 times a 1 day I have 144 backup sets.

So, before I recalim space, I need to ensure that the data is both on Disk and Tape. And my original plight remains. I have to click on each Server then look at the backup sets side-tab to see if data is on tape. And only then I can reclaim the space. And this is cumbersome to say the least since I have to click in and out of each Server to see if it is on disk or tape. And if there is a shortfall, I then create yet another Duplicate to Tape job which I have to monitor. Then when complete, I can then go back and check to make sure if data is on both disk and tape. then I can reclaim space.

And this is magnified with 80 Servers in our environment.

Certainly people must be saving to tape and verifying the data is in both locations before deleting?

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If your duplicating the jobs to tape following the completion when run to disk then all backup sets would be on tape for offsite storage. You would then be able to delete the disk based backup sets and would only need to address when you see a failure reported on the duplicate job

I hope this posting was helpful


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It is not practical to run a Duplicate to tape after every job.

And if I do...the next morning I will have many to pore through. Regardless, I still need to verify within the storage group what is on BOTH Disk and Tape before deleting backup sets.

So, if I have 10 Servers sending jobs to a Storage Group, and there are 60 backupsets created, how do you verify which backup sets are safe to delete?

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There is a slightly easier way..although it can be tedious as aswell at times

when you look at the backup sets for the individual server it shows what is an disk and tape..expand the tree so you can see the date and what typ of backup it will show whether it is on disk or tape or both...if it is on both simply right cick the disk one and click delete...

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Yes...thank you. I am doing this procedure now.

Unfortunately,  I need to go into each Server to then get to the backup sets page.

This is cumbersome and we only have less than 50 Servers. What do organizations do who have a lot of Servers?

Anyway, I like your input. Do you know of a way to "expand all the trees at once? Reason I ask is that in only a couple days I have over a 100 backup sets since transaction logs and databases are backed up hourly in some cases.