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Reclaiming the disk space used by the FSA component ?

Created: 26 Sep 2013 • Updated: 29 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi People,

Can anyone please assist me in how to actually reclaim the disk space that is used by the FSA component ?

My goal here is to reduce the disk space used in the one single VaultStore where it is now configured to be used by EVJournal, Mail Archive and the FSA.

My understanding here is that there is no way to delete the data since the retention categories is Business with Forever period.

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Pradeep_Papnai's picture

You can change retention category for FSA archive with new retention category which have period assigned based on your organization need. Refer Tech note
And wait till storage expiry deletes these content automatically. If your vaul store partition is on Centera then one of partner (vault solution) have utility to change retetion category.

Or Manually delete placeholders from file server (need to enable Delete on delete feature so archived content can also be deleted AND site setting/retention category/storage should allow deletion) and the othe way is to delete from archive explorer (folder struture would be visible, delete items from specific) folder or search / delete. This will enable you to delete the items from the archive, but the placeholders will still be left behind. You can either delete these manually, or run the orphaned placeholder cleanup option on FSAUtility.

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Hi EVCounselor,

So in this case, I shall do the following in order:

1. Change the retention category for the EV FSA components only using

2. Expand the File server LUN size to accommodate the rehydration process.

3. Rehydrate all of the archived files by EV-FSA using the FSUtility command line

4. Enable the delete placeholder option (Technote / KB article needed....?)

5. ... wait for few weeks ?

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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Hi John,

I would to like give details of previous answer.

Automatic way of reclaiming disk space of EV partition generated by file server archive.
Once you change retention category (tech195810) for FS archive and set retention period appropriately, then run Storage expiry in report mode (from the properties of site property) to know no of files those would  be expired from FSA archive, once you confirm item are going to expire then expiry can be run in normal mode.  

Once EV deletes content from FS archive then placeholders would become orphaned, now orphand placeholders can be deleted by FSAutility.

"Deleting orphaned placeholders"

Manual way of reclaiming disk space of EV partition
Ensure Site settings allows deletion (site properties \ general \ check on 'user's can delete item'.

Retention category does not deny deltion ( retention category properties \ uncheck on 'prevent deletion of item....').

File server archive data is not placed on legal hold by CA/DA.

Storage does not have any rule / setting to prevent deletion.

Once above are ok then try following one of them to manual delete items from vault.

a) Change file server (volume & folder level) policies to allow DOD (Delete on delete) feature. Then delete placeholders from file server which should delete assoicaited archived content from vault, (please also check condition for DOD in TN

b). Open archive explorer (http://evserver/enterprisevault/archiveexplorerui.asp), expand FS archive folder hirarchy, select content and right click 'Delete'.

c). Open browser search (http://evserver/enterprisevault/search.asp), put requirred content against file server archive then search. Select option 'delete from vault'.

In second two option (b, c) archive content will only be delete from EV and placeholder would become orphane which you need to delete via FSAUtility (howto37837).

Manual deletion can be done any time based on your will but automatic deletion (expiry) happens when items are expire, so you need to adjust retention period correctly.  
You don't need any additional space on EV or file server for expiry or deletion.

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Cool, many thanks for the advice and the suggestion man !

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


Please be nice to me as I'm newbie in this forum.

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Glad to see that we have sorted out your questions.