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reclaiming used space

Created: 22 Sep 2013 • Updated: 26 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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our daily and weekly backup policies are to pd then to tapes. monthly goes directly to tapes and ejected.

how can i reclaim the space used (in the hard disk) by the daily and weekly policies since their retention period has already passed?

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hi ,

there will be a schedule clean which will recalim the space from the expired images...there is nothing manully we need to do unless there is a issue with the schedule clean or you can not wait till next schedule run.

you will have option to run the manual clean in those cases.. but do rememeber it should not be a regular practice.

follow the below T/N to see how to reclaim manually.

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does the clean schedule exist in a default installation or do we have create it? if it's there, how can i find it?

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i have to add, the hd space is slowing getting less and less so if there's an already scheduled clean policy it seems it's not working.

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crcontrol --queueinfo

crcontrol --dsstat

Probably below tech notes will help you to find it

Use case 3: Data protected with a PureDisk client and stored on a PureDisk Storage Pool.
  1. The data removal policies, which run at a user's scheduled time, automatically dereference the affected files in the MetaBase Engine (catalog) and add the necessary expiration transactions in the Content Router (CR) queue for removal.
  2. Transactions in the queue are processed by the Queue Processing Policy, and the corresponding data pointers are dereferenced from storage. The schedule of the Queue Processing is 2 times a day by default; it can be changed from the PureDisk WebUI.
  3. On a monthly basis a CR garbage collection policy runs automatically to clean up any orphaned data, which can occur in certain edge cases. If you have very short retention policies (retention of less than 5 days), then it is useful to schedule CR Garbage Collection more frequently (once or twice a week).
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quite complex. from what i gathered from the above links, garbage collection is already happening in the background. maybe we just use space to aggressively to notice the space reclaimed.