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Recognising tapes

Created: 05 Sep 2011 • Updated: 14 Sep 2011 | 6 comments
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Hello, I've a server w2003 with backup Exec 2010 R3 and a hp storage works 1/8 G2 tape Autoloader connected to this server (scasi). I can see the autoloader in backup exec but the tapes aren't recognise. I've tried to inventory a lot of time but the task is running all time and never is finished (more than 72 hours running)

Otherwise I've tried to change id scsi in the autoloader, 4 by 6 but the behavior is the same.

This is the scsi information in the backup exec:

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance


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1) In the Windows Device Manager, is your tape library listed as an Unknow Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive has a Symantec driver?

2) In the Devices tab, right-click on the library and pause/unpause it.

3) you might want to test the library with the HP LT&T utility.  Make sure that you stopped all the BE services first and select the write test.

If the LT&T utility passes the tape library/drive and the problem still persists.
a) update the firmware to the tape library/drive to the latest.
b) power off the media server and the tape library/drive
c) power up the tape library/drive
d) power up the media server
e) check that the tape library/drive is functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager
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I've attached a screenshop for your questions

screenshot.doc 114 KB
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...your autoloader's robotics is not showing up and this is your issue. What Windows sees, BE sees. You need to resolve this first. Make sure it isn't connected to a RAID controller as this is not an HP-supported configuration. If it is, you would need to organise a proper SCSI controller in order to make it work properly.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Your Device Manager sceenshot does not show a library detected by the Operating System, it only shows the tape drive. Until the Operating System can see the library as a separate device (as well as the tape drive) then Backup Exec will not be able to correctly use the library.

Note you should see a section for "Medium Changers" if your library is being detected by the operating system.

Oh and just for completeness if this media server is a virtual server running in VMware (and not a physical server) that your configuiration is not supported for physical tape drive or library access.

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Hello again, I'm installed another scsi card and I'm installed symantec driver. For the moment backup exec recognise the tapes!

Among all your comments I have the problem solution

Thanks a lot for you help