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Recompose View Desktops when installing SEP, but it duplicate computer name on SEPM

Created: 05 Jul 2011 • Updated: 05 Jul 2011 | 5 comments

When my administrator clone or recompose view desktop and he use SEPM to install SEP on Virtual Machine. When he go back to see view clients on SEPM Console, It will show two times and show duplicate computer name. But when we just install without virutal machine, it work fine. Is they a script for this kind of issue. We just have to deleted every time, when we install on the virtual machine, so it will only show one time. I just want to make it easy, so we don't have to do everytime.

Thank you

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Try this:

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I have the same issue using VMware View. With non-persistant desktops, each new machine generates a new hardware ID and creates a duplicate in SEPM. I've tried the link above to delete the HardwareID in the registry and the sephwid.xml file in the base image. It does not help. Duplicates still appear in SEPM.

Now that we're using SEPM 12, this causes a licensing issue. This used to not be the case with SEPM 11. We could have thousands of duplicate names, but SEPM didn't see it as a licensing issue.

Any suggestions?

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Scott...which version of View are you running?  After 4.5 the non-persistant machines don't completely delete after they are used once, they just revert to a snapshot created when they are first cloned.  (After they customize, so windows has booted and SEP has generated its HWID.)  This solved the issue of getting duplicates everytime a machine was used.  A recompose will still create the duplicates, but that should be much less frequent.


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I'm on View 4.6, and they do appear to completely delete after first use. I have the setting "Delete or refresh desktop on logoff" set to Delete. I'll try "Refresh" and see if that makes a difference. That would be much easier than the Shutdown and PostSync scripts I'm trying to cobble together.

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Performing a "refresh desktop on logoff" for a non-persistent pool works. I no longer have duplicates appearing in SEPM.

Thanks for the push in the right direction, Chris.