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Recover Backup Exec Server

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

I'm trying to test/simulate a FULL disaster recovery of our entire HQ. (ie: The building burned down). I understand how all the bare metal SDR works but that relies on the Backup Exec server being up. I can't find a good explaination of how to restore your BE2012 windows server from offsite tapes in this situation.

Can someone please provide a thorough "best practices" or step by step instruction for recovering your BE server? Wouldn't this be the first thing you'd have to do in this situation?


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Yes if BE crashes that would be the first step to recover as without that you won't be able to recover anything.

To restore the BE you need the Data and Catalogs folder. Catalogs folder can be backedup daily if you are backing up the BE server but to backup the database you should have the SQL agent.

If you don't have the SQL agent then we can backup bedb.bak which automatically gets created at 4 AM.

Follow below steps to recover the server.

1>Install the os and patch it, bring it up on the domain and install BE.
2>Replace the Data and Catalog folder, once done use BEutility to drop databse and reload from backup.

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thanks for reply. that helps!

After I reloaded the DB I can see all the servers and and backup history but I dont see the configured storage devices. None of the devices are connected to restored server but should I be able to see them as "offline" in the storage tab? 

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Have you tried rebooting the server and library after migrating the stuff. Try to make the devices online and see if BE uses them.

If you are using the same device and server name try to make this online and it should reflect it in. If the devices are new or different then it would be showing the new devices there, just delete the old ones which are offline.

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If u
I undertand correctly you restored to a different location? If so, your old devices should show up as offline, but if not, just run the Device Configuration Wizard & install the drivers for whatever tape drive is there! If you use B2D then you need to recreate them!
Then point your jobs to these devices!


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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What you need to do is a "manual disaster recovery of a local Windows computer ".

Have a look at pages 638-643 of the BE2012 Admin Guide.