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Recover data after vxdisksetup

Created: 06 Mar 2014 | 2 comments
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I have the following situation:

Mistakenly, an administrator has issued a vxdisksetup -i -f to an existing disk.

The vxdisk -e list shows the disk online, but no dg, volumes (as expected after the vxdisksetup command)

Is it possible to recover the previous existing data on this disk?.

Thanks to all.

all ideas are welcomed


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If the public region of the disk is intact (no further filesystems created/mounted), then it can still be recovered.

You will need old "vxdisk_list_<disk>" output of this disk. You can look for this output in any old veritas explorer if you had collected one.

Alternatively you can look for *.diskinfo file in /etc/vx/cbr/bk/<diskgroup>/ directory .. that file should have details as well.

Basically what you should look for is below information from above mentioned outputs

puboffset, privoffset, pubslice,privslice & type. Once you have all this information, you can reinitialize the disk with values found from outputs

# vxdisksetup -i <disk> puboffset=  privoffset=  pubslice=  privslice=    format=sliced/cdsdisk

Once above is done, you should be able to restore the old disk config & this diskgroup & volume info. Once this disk is back, you might need to deport & import the diskgroup again.


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Hi Osvaldo,

I have created a document for recovering the data from the VxVM old configs which might help you.

Please find the attached document.



How_to_recover_lost_dg.docx 31.12 KB

Best Regards,