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Recover deleted jobs, Backup Exec 2010

Created: 12 Sep 2013 • Updated: 17 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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Long story short, all the jobs (backup, restore, duplicates...) on a backupexec 2010 media server we have have been deleted on the 11.09 sometime in the morning. I'm talking about a lot of jobs, not just a few...

Problem is we only noticed it today (12.09).

I followed Ken's advice from this thread: but the BEDB.bak file I have is from the 12.09 so I guess it already contains the deletions.

Is there any other way to try and recover all the jobs?

We do a monthly full backup of the server itself. Is there a way to excract the jobs list from this backup or do I need to recover the entire server?

Thank you

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You need to find a backed up version of the bedb.bak file from any date. You can restore that to a separate location and follow Ken's steps to recover the DB after renaming the current BEDB. Alternatively, just recatalog the tapes used between the date you restored the BEDB from.

Bear in mind that you would lose all current data if you don't recatalog your tapes...

BE runs a maintenance task at 4am each morning to backup bedb.bak, so as long as that bedb.bak wasn't written after the deletions were made (ie. you'll reflect those losses in the bedb.bak file), you should be OK.


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You don't lose the catalogs of the tapes by going back to an old BEDB, you lose the inventory and the inventory controls how long the data on the tapes should be kept for before allowing an overwrite (so could cause early overwrite of required data)

As such if you have to located a backed up BEDB.bak on tape that is older than a couple of weeks, then plan to keep a copy of your current BEDB, recover the old one from a tape and then mount it so you can lookup your job settings (make sure no new job runs whilst this old bedb is in place) then put back the current BEDB and manually create the jobs again. You could of course mount a restored BEDB.BAK on a test server just so you can look at the job settings which saves you directly touching the current BEDB

Other option is to see this an an opportunity to audit what you should be backing up and then create new jobs from scratch.

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...thanks for the clarification on the catalogs Colin! That slipped my mind! yes

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Of course if no tapes have been written to since the jobs went missing (because all the jobs went missing)  then you may not have to worry too much abouth early overwrite of newere media and can just restore an older bedb.bak from tape and use it (assumign you backed it up in the first place)

Note: if you did not backup the bedb.bak (or run a SQL backup of the BEDB) then a full media server restore will also not recover the job config data so don't bother with restoring the whole server if you can't restore the bedb on it's own as that will be a waste of time.

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Thank you guys very much for your help.

Afterall we didn't have to restore the deleted jobs, but I'll sure keep that thread for Just-In-Case use :)

Thanks again :)