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Recover Exchange files for an offline restore

Created: 26 May 2011 • Updated: 27 May 2011 | 3 comments
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Hi to all,
I've an Exchange organization full backup made with Backup Exec 10 for Small Business Server, and now I need to recover this backup also into a different server and different location folder to use it for an offline Exchange restore.

Ok, I know that I can restore this backup direcly with the right agent, but I need to have the complete list of files existent at the monent of backup: pri1.edb, priv1.stm, pub1.edb pub1.stm and them relative log files into a different folder.

Can you suggent me the easiest way to obtain what described?

Thank you to all!

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You wont be able to restore .EBD and .STM backups through Backup Exec if you have taken the Exchange backup selecting Information Store and Storage Groups. If you have backed up .EDB and .STM files like flat files stopping Exchange services, then you will be able to restore them anywhere you want.

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This is totally wrong...even if you stop the Exchange services, BE would make use of Active File Exclusion (AFE) and NOT back up the *.edb, *.stm or log files. If you do, chances are good you're going to run into issues when'd have to stop the services, then dismount the Information Store, THEN try the backup of the flat files.

Duplicating to disk actually DOES give you the flat files...I've done this very time I have had to restore Exchange information, so the solution above actually isn't accurate at all! Once you duplicate to disk, you can do what you like with the flat files...



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Hi Paolo,

If BE 10.x supports duplicating backups to disk, then you CAN get hold of your *.edb and *.stm files. That's exactly what it does...copy those files from tape, to disk.

Read the article below on how to restore Exchange after duplicating to'd stop straight after duplicating the backup set, as you'd have your flat files.


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