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Recover Sharepoint 2010 to new server

Created: 14 May 2013 | 4 comments

Hi all,

We had an all-in-one Sharepoint 2010 server and it was down (hardware failure) a couple of days ago and we are on 50/50 case to fix the problem with it. Before the server was down, I had run a full backup followed by 2 incremental backups on our Backup Media Server. I selected C drive, system state, and the drive containing Sharepoint database.

My question are:
- Would it be possible to restore the Sharepoint environment to a new server?
- Steps to restore the Sharepoint environment to new server (optimally full restore)?

Any suggestions would be reall appreciated.


Operating Systems:

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Sorry, I forgot to mention software versions.

- We are using Backup Exec 10 R3 running on an W2K8 R2 Standard box.
- The SharePoint server with W2K8 R2 Enterprise runs Sharepoint Foundation 2010 version.

What I tried was
- install W2K8 R2 Enterprise on a new server
- put SharePoint Foundation 2010 on the new server
- From media server, push Backup Exec Remote Agent to the new server
- set up and run a restore job but it failed.

Any ideas?


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Did you backup the Sharepoint farm using the Sharepoint agent?  If not, then you would probably not be able to restore Sharepoint.  Backing up the disk containing the Sharepoint database is not sufficient as AFE will cause all the .mdf and .ldf files to be excluded from the file backup.

What is the version of BE that you are using?

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hi pkh,

Thank you very much for your reply.

We installed Backup Exec Remote Agent on the SharePoint server, and also had Agent for MS SharePoint license installed on the media server. Would it be enough do you think or something else should be installed.

We are using BE 2010 R3 on media server by the day.

The weird thing is if we name the target server the same as the problematic server, restore process would finish successfully and I could run the other applications without any problems. However SharePoint service is not coming back in this case, I could not even log on to Sharepoint Centre Admin page. But if I change the server name to server-temp for example, restore job is not working.

By the way, the server now is up and down from time to time. When it is up, what database file(s) should I quickly copy accross to usb drive to hopefully restore my SharePoint environment.

Thank you once again.


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How did you back up your Sharepoint?  Did you select the Sharepoint farm or did you just select the disk where your Sharepoint databases resides?