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Recovering Activity Monitor -Job Overview- and -Detailed Status- info.

Created: 28 Sep 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

The Activity Monitor in 5.0mp5 opens up with two tabs, one labeled "job overview" and one labeled "detailed status"
Is there a way to recover this info once deleted, or better yet, have the info copied to an additional area? The individual files for the tabs are in the jobs dir with extentions .t, .f and .parms. We tryed making a copy of those files, then copying those files back into the dirs. The Activity Monitor will not redisplay them. Using file editors will open the files, but the format/layout makes the info very difficult to read.

Thankyou, for your time and your help.
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Can't help you with getting Activity Monitor to re-display the jobs, but i can help with making sure that in future you have the maximum available job information displayed (up to 1 month);

i have this set in bp.conf -

# RRB - the below 2 params can only be set between 3 and 720 (up to 30days).
# (these settings keep backup job history)
# - if a value >720 is used, the default of 72hrs is invoked - not good!..
# 230204 - moved these 2 settings from job.conf as job.conf is being phased out.

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Thankyou, for the reply.
Our problem is not one of status retention. There are other administrators that accidently/intentionaly delete the job status info. That is the only info that details a failed job in an easy/quick to read format, and, it makes troubleshooting quicker. That is the reason for wanting to possibly copy the status info to an additional area, and be able to import it back into the Activity Monitor.

Thankyou, for your help.

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If it is deleted from the activity monitor (jobs db) then you can check the other databases. Look at this thread:

also you can gleam information from the debug logs.

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

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edited as i was taking too long to reply whilst Bob replied..

Hi Keith, i figured that'd be the case. i'm just trying to attack this from other angles. I have a multitude of scripts that i've written over the years, to cater for all manner of things NetBackup related; at the most basic level, i'm a firm believer in having the email notification setup (i'm assuming you don't do this from your above posts). I'll concede that NetBackup is not much good at giving you proper failure info if a job is, for example, an Oracle backup or whatever (the basic client backups are ok, the email you receive upon failure gives you enough of a meaningful error msg in the email, but with Oracle backups we get the proverbial status 6 - no good to man nor beast).
Anyways, i personally have all emails sent to us Admins, then i/we filter out (via an Outlook rule) all successfully completed backups; therefore we only get mails for failed backups. From there we have enough info to start delving into NetBackup/Oracle/Solaris logs. Sorry if that seems too obvious, but your posts seem to suggest you're reliant on the Activity Monitor for fixing things; there are various commands/very simple scripts to achieve all manner of reporting, i've been doing that for some years now.

As i say i can't answer the question re putting NetBackup job files back and getting Activity Monitor to see them. I'm sure i used to do this a few years ago in older versions of NetBackup (would have been versions 3.1.1 or 3.4) but Veritas keep changing things, the net result is that it seems harder and harder to do things such as you're wanting to do.