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Recovering a hard drive using SSR2011 - cold imaging

Created: 11 Oct 2011 | 3 comments
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Hello All

A hard drive failed in a laptop and I had not yet implemented SSR Desktop on it... I remember reading somewhere that there are cold-imaging capabilities in SSR but can't find any information.

Was I imagining it or can SSR 2011 help me to recover this failed hard drive?

Many thanks

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Cold imaging = running a backup when the OS is not running.

It sounds like you have not even run a backup? If correct, there is no chance of recovery..

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Hi Chris

That's right, no backup configured or taken. I was at the Vision conference last week and someone in one of the breakouts mentioned the ability to recover hard drives (without a backup) but I can't, for the life of me, remember how and what product was used. I assumed it was SSR.

When I refer to "cold-imaging" I wasn't referring to the lights-out restore functionality, rather the ability to image a broken computer (server/laptop/desktop) although the last time I heard about this functionality was in BESR 8.5. Is this something that no longer exists in SSR 2011?

"NEW Cold imaging technology enables capture of a system in a pre-boot state without installing any software on the system" - BESR 8.5, Sept 2008.

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Cold imaging is still in the product.

I suppose it really depends on the state of the drive. It may be possible to run a cold backup and then do some form of recovery from that recovery point. Have you tried a cold backup yet?