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Recovering Linux servers

Created: 20 Jun 2013 • Updated: 03 Sep 2013 | 3 comments
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Does SDR is applicable for Windows only? What if I want to recover Linux Server?



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SDR cannot be used to recover a Linux server.  It is only for Windows servers.

For Linux server, BE is unable to do server recovery because there is no opened file handling, i.e. the backup will be incomplete if there are opened file as these files cannot be backed up.  To recover a Linux server, you need to re-build the server and then restore the data from the backup.

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Not stricly true - see Page 1074 of the 2012 admin guide regarding open file support:

The Agent for Linux uses advanced open file and image technologies that are
designed to alleviate issues that are sometimes encountered during backup
operations, such as backing up open files.

After you make file and folder selections and the job is submitted for backup, the
Linux Agent automatically makes a snapshot of the volume or volumes. Making
snapshot of a volume provides a point-in-time record of the data. When it creates
a snapshot, the Linux Agent uses snapshot technologies to momentarily suspend
write activity to a volume so that a snapshot of the volume can be created. During
the backup, files can be open and data can be changed.

That said, the Linux Agent does not support SDR at the moment and is also not designed for DR. If you need a DR product for Linux (i.e. the ability to recover the ENTIRE machine), you may want to look at SSR for Linux as an alternative solution:

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Got the point.

Thanks for your replies.