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Created: 14 May 2014 | 4 comments

just for information:

If my whole infrastructre is in VMware (Master and media also) & we are using Deduplication with MSDP.
Can I take catalog backup on and All other Backups on USB disk?
then if I delete my master,which is also serving as media server and rebulid it from snpashot from Vsphere.
will I be able to again configure the same USB disk as storage devices on that server and recover catalog from thsi USB device and restore earlier backups of other clients which were taken from Flash backup windows policy or VMWARE backup policy type.?

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We clearly seem to battle to understand what you are asking - therefore no response up to now....

You say you have MSDP and then ask if you can do Catalog and All other Backups on USB disk? 

Does this mean that you want to config MSDP on USB disk?

USB disk will be a 'Single Point of Failure'.
It contains no advanced protection such as Raid5/6 or mirroring.

Although it may (and probably will) work, I would certainly not recommend it for a production environment.

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this was test environment. apology for not much clearity in defining the issue.

I meant to say,  can catalog backup taken on USB and then copying all images of approx 400 GB on that USB in some other folder.

after the recovery of master server. we will recreate the MSDP on same server and copy all images to exactly same location where it was earlier and restore catalog from the USB. then restore  all VM's from those backups from MSDP.

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As you said this is test environment....

what exactly you are testing ??? i mean what you  want to achive by doing this...?

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Before break-up, make sure you have a good backup.....  ;-)

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Still not clear....

How is catalog backup storage unit and MSDP related?

Catalog backup does not backup the contents of MSDP. 

To protect MSDP, you need array protection such as raid5/6 or mirroring. 
From NBU point of view, MSDP should be duplicated/replicated to other storage.

Catalog backup to MSDP is also not recommended as additional steps are required before catalogs can be restored from MSDP.

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