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Recovery fail during PGPWDE recovery procedure

Created: 01 Jan 2013 • Updated: 01 Jan 2013 | 2 comments


Need some feedback or solution to the following error when attempting to "recover" a PGPWDE disk PRIOR to decrypting so I can restore the WIN 7 OS on it.  Thiss HDD has extremely controverial data on it.

Below are the results line by line when I attempt to run the recover command (at the CMD window (yes, I am running as Administrator), and yes, I do have the correct passsphrase. the thext in [brackets] is information not a result on command line

IOCTL_PGPWDE_SECTOR_READ failed:Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

ERROR: read failed, number of sectors searched so far: 1500320   [this is about 50% of the total # of sectors]

Found backup BGFS record on sector 3

IOCTL_PGPWDE_SECTOR_WRITE failed: teh system could not find the file specified.

Write MBR error.

Recovery failed!

Operation recover fisk failed:

Error code -11989: write failed

Now, I do not have acces to a PGP recovery CD ( or ISO image ) in which I can run furhter diagnostics etc etc.

I only have access to the command line commands in the PGP desktop directory.

I read somewhere that the PGPWDE01 file may be damaged.

I am un-able to locate the definition of error code -11989

I wonder if anyone can shed some light on what my options are.

I need to NOT load a new version of WIN 7 as the drive is NOT properly de-crypted. Yet, I need to keep the data intact on it and fix the PGP application/encryption in order to properly de-crypt and extract the data for analysis by our team.

If anyone can assist I would greatly apreciate it!


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From the errors above it looks like the drive is failing. That error is a write file failure. You might not be able to recover through the OS. If there is no backup for the drive. Then you can pay to have a drive recovery company pull the data off the drive that is unreadable through the OS. PGP recommends Drive Savers they are familiar with PGP Encryption software and can assist in recovering the data on that drive. Here is a link to drive savers website.

You could try and recover through the recover CD and see if it is able to repair the drive. Here is a link to current version Recovery CD's. This is most likely not going to work if the drive is failing. Hope this helps

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Thanks Brian_Ch,

apologies for not getting back to this forum earlier, many fires to fight. I was able to revoer the data to anotehr media and then I just reformatted the disk and reloaded the os etc etc what a P.I.A !!!! Symantec needs to have a better wrench to this application.

I now have a even more sever case and it wont even allow the PGP Recovery disk to execute on it. G-R-8!!!

all the best.!!!!!