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Recreating Deduplication Storage Folder from Existing DSF

Created: 27 May 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi, we're using Dell PowerVault DL2200 bundled with Symantec 2010 R3. Its been running smoothly for 6 months, until I had error on "Physical Volume Library Unavailable" I tried restarting services, and found out that the Virtual Disk (RAID 5) configured as DSF is offline, even if I tried to make it online, job still fails. I tried to delete it and recreating it without losing its data (I checked on the manual, its supposed to be supported). I was able to delete the DSF, and the ARRAY is showing an unconfigured virtual disk, I tried to configure it as DSF again, but nothing happens it turns back to unconfigured virtual disk. I  checked the logs, and it tells me that it fails. "Final Error 0xe0008139 Backup exec is unable to create backup to disk folder on the virtual disk"


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From your description is not not clear whether you managed to re-configure your disk properly and/or you managed to re-create your dedup folder using DSF.

If you cannot re-create your dedup folder using DSF then you should restore the dedup folder from your dedup folder backup.  See this document

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Thanks guys for the links. Here's the details:

1. Device used is a Dell PowerVault DL2200

2. It has a RAID 5 Disk dedicated for DSF (No Volume letter when set up) Symantec detects it as a virtual disk compatible for DSF.

3. Its been offline on Symantec BE Console, but physically online.

4. Tried to delete it, now its status is "Virtual Disk 001 (unconfigured)"

5. Right click on it an select "Configure" to make it a DSF, but nothing happens. I received error that it failed creating DSF.

6. We would like to re-introduce it as DSF to retain the backup data, as we don't have backup of it.


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Isn't this more a question for either Microsoft or Dell or both?

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This is a special feature for Dell and Symantec BackupExec, called Storage Provisioning Option.  There was a specific option for BackupExec to auto-create and configure Dell MD storage in around 12.5 and BE2010, probably killed off in 2012 due to low adoption rates and Dell screwing the industry with their acquistions.

A few example links of the feature:

I would open your case with Symantec, bring up the Dell integration option you are using.  In parallel it wouldn't hurt to open a support case with Dell too.  Have the numbers handy for the symantec tech and dell tech so they can if needed work in the background to resolve the issue.  The whole vendor to vendor backdoor support mechanisms is often cludegy, but at least it's documented and you can raise hell to a duty manager if needed.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."