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Recreating PH is not working fine

Created: 25 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

Hi fellows,

hope somebody could give me a hand on this issue.

I've got some issues in a FSA target (NTFS volume) while recalling placeholders. When user tries to open the files by double-clicking or copying-pasting in their desktop, the archive is not recalled successfully and the file is opened in blank.

This is a known issue and have studied the case: no error has been found at databases level nor File Server. We usually can address this issue by recreating the PH in the target, either by fsautility -c parameter or by selecting then in Archive Explorer. This is where the current problem resides...

1) With fsautility, I am not able to take the complete UNC path and provoke the recreating. When I write (i.e.): fsautility -c "\\my_file_server\Drive$\root_folder\subfolder\subfolder\subfolder\affected_folder" I get a Error: Invalid UNC path \\...........    I can try to launch it from the root folder, but after some minutes got the next message: Error: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error. Ran out of memory. 

2) In Archive Explorer (any kind of configuration) when I select the target get the error message (translated from Spanish): Error while executing search request, which freaks me out, as every EV services are running well at Target server as well as in EV server and no additional info has been found on the internet.

Here I post some additional data: EV for File System Archiving 9.0 SP2 running on Windows 2k3 server. File server is also W2k3.

Does anyone has resolved something like this? ANY idea will be welcome.



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Is the Placeholder service running on the File server ? Does the file server have the FSA agent isntalled , is the version same as that of your Ev server?

refer the following document

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Hi RahulG, thx for answering so soon.

Indeed the Placeholder Service is running on the FS and version is also the same. No issues are addressed for the rest (I guess) of the FSA targets. It seems to be happening just with this volume.

Not sure if your reference applies to us, as it's related to fsautility -pm parameter. But thanks to the referral, it came into my mind that some Event must have been recorded at EV Log. Actually, there were some 8390 Events reporting errors. I've dtraced the ArchiveTask service and here it is the output:

34 11:01:14.291 [6072] (DirectoryService) <7960> EV~E Event ID: 13360 An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' (Internal reference: CADODataAccess::ExtractFromRecordsetToVariant .\ADODataAccess.cpp [lines {1351,1358,1372}], built Mar 14 10:54:54 2011): |Description:  |Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.| | |SQL Command: | GetArchiveFoldersByArchive| | |Additional Microsoft supplied information:| |Source:       Provider |Number:       0x8007000e |SQL State:    (null) |Native Error: -2147024882 |HRESULT|0x8007000e| |
35 11:01:14.416 [6072] (DirectoryService) <7960> EV~E Event ID: 8391 The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error.| |Ran out of memory| |
No idea about it.
Anything related with why can't I use the fsautility in a deeper path for this target? (Invalid UNC path...)

PostEdited: Meanwhile I am running a Shortcut creation tasks in order to recreate PH...