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Red Hat Linux Patching

Created: 18 May 2011 • Updated: 05 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
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I am trying to implement Linux patching in our environment, but I am finding out that you can't stage all of the patches available to be available for dpeloyment. If the patch solution detects that your don't have any applicable servers, the patch will not download. I would like to know how other customers are using the patch solution to successfully patch their servers.

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Patch for Linux 7.0 will only allow you to download meta data and packages for those Red Hat errara associated with channels for which the notification server has information indicating there are one or more computers in your environment with a valid subscription to those channels. 

If there are no computers in your environment that are registered with the Red Hat Network with respect to a particular channel, then you will not be able to download packages related to errata associated with such channel.

This design was changed in Patch for Linux 7.1.  The channels that you are able to download is now determined by the Red Hat Network or Novell mirror credentials that you enter in the Altiris console, rather than entitlement information collected from each of the computers in your environment.