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Reduce Sharepoint backup windows

Created: 19 Mar 2013
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Dear All, 

I currently have a Sharepoint server that is running in a VM with RDMs attached to it. I'm backing up this Sharepoint using Backup Exec 2010 to a regular disk with a duplicate to tape afterwards. However due to an expected exponential growth of the Database (it's sharepoint) and a limited backup window I'm looking into ways to reduce my backup window.

I'm therefor wandering if any of you have experience with the following:

- Does (client) side deduplication reduce backup windows for sharepoint ? I have my doubts seeing it is mainly a database backup.

- If I were to migrate my RDM volumes under VMware control so that I can make use of the Vstorage API's in combination with Backup Exec 2012 deduplication and application GRT... Would that reduce my backup window ? Meaning can I backup sharepoint by using the VMware cbt file ?

- Would it be better to reconfigure Sharepoint to utilize RBS (blob files) and perform incr forecer on the blob files => I don't think BE supports this ?

Anyone who can shed some light on this preferably from a practical point of view, would be highly appreciated. On a final note I wanted to say that my currect sharepoint is 600GB in size, However I'm expecting a 800GB annual growth.  My backup window is limited to 6 hours, and yes this is a problem due to a lot of other stuff I need to backup as well.

Thanks to any reply on this.


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