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Refreshing VM client list via command line on NBU 7

Created: 30 Jun 2010 | 6 comments
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I have a policy configured for Hyper-V backups. Is it possible to update the client list via command line?

I want to be able to run a cron job that does a browse of the VMs and updates the client list so that if a new VM is created on the Hyper-V node or a VM is deleted we don´t have to manually update the policy.

Has anyone found a way of doing this?


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You can add a new client to an existing policy with /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpplclients command:

For example if you have to add a W2K client to your policy:

bpplclients policy_name -add client_name PC Windows2000

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Thanks for your reply. This way to add the client to the policy you need to know the client name.

What I want to do is to do a browse of the VMs through the policy and update it to include all the VMs it finds and drop any that don´t exist anymore. The browse option is only available via the GUI and I can´t find a command to do it from the command line.

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trying the following 


This file browses for the available VM's from the ESX host. If you have added and deleted a new client, remove this file and click on browse client option in GUI. A new file will be created and you will have the latest client details.

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Similar post, but was for VMware... but maybe principal process is there, in fact that a cache file is used.

Does hyper-V policy call a cached file of listed virtual machines in your hyper-v environment

Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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This works fine for me (actually I don't need to delete the file first). I can click on browse and I see the virtual machines that are on the Hyper-V host. Then I can select them and they are added to the client list in the policy.

However what I want is to do this from a cron script. That way I can schedule it nightly so that if VMs are added/removed the client list will get updated. I don't know if there is a command that will do this. 

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Schedule a job to delete the existing file when no backup's are scheduled. In that way, you allow NBU to create a fresh file, which will give you the latest details from the ESX server.

Or you can use VCBVMNAME command which is the one which gets the list of VM's associated with a ESX server

vcbVmName.exe -h VC_IP -u VC_USER -p VC_PASS -s any