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Regarding the policy

Created: 23 Oct 2011 • Updated: 29 Oct 2011 | 12 comments
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Hi Firend- Required the help to create the policy of CD-DVD and USB read only and blockage the access of mobile.

I have the knowledge to create the policy of cd-dvd blockage and access but don't know about readonly creation step so pls help..

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check out thesearticle, this should help

How to make USB drives read-only with Symantec Endpoint Protection using Application and Device Control

After setting up an Application and Device Control policy to block CD writing, CD writing is not blocked as expected, and write attempt is not logged

set here as read only ( as mentioned in article)

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Thanks a lot for sharin such document, I will implement the policy as per mention docs and revert if any thing pending..


Sumit G.

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Firend- It only for USB but I need to create the policy of "CD/DVD" readonly also.


Sumit G.

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You can make CD/DVD read only by editing the USB read only policy (Application Control default policy ) and then edit the * in the policy and select CD/DVD.

You need to be aware that CD/DVD ready only is only partially applied using Application Device Control.

Only when CD/DVD writing is done using Windows Writer using EXPLORER.exe then only application control will block it.

If you do it using Nero or any other program SEP will not block it. You will have to block such programs using Application Control.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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It's mean that we can update the policy block the application(nero) usage on the CD/DVD rom Systems.


Sumit G.

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Hello SumitGupta,

In Windows XP (not available in Vista or Win7), there is a service called IMAPI.

See screenshot.

By disabling or setting this service to "Manual or Disabled" you will be able to prevent users from Writing to a Disc (CD/DVD/BR) regardless of the application.  I.E. Nero, CDBurnXP, etc.

You can disable the service using "Local Security Policy" or "Group Policy" in Active Directory.

Alternatively, you can also modify the registry using a "*.Reg" file to disable the service at logon for example.

* * * * * * *

For Windows Vista and Windows 7, it is a little more complicated:

This can be accomplished through the Registry or through Local Group Policy.

For Local Policy:

1. Expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Windows Explorer

2. In the right pane, right click on Remove CD Burning features and click on Edit.

Read the explanation carefully.

- Enabling the policy will Disable "Writing CD/DVD, etc."

- Disabling or not configuring the policy will "allow the users to be able to burn"

* * * * * * * * * * *

In the registry for Windows 7 and Vista the key is located in:


NoCDBurning=dword:00000001 -> Disbaled

NoCDBurning=dword:00000000 -> Enabled

That basically sums it all up.

This information is provided as is and is beyond the scope of the Symantec Forums!

Use at your own discretion and always back up your registry before making any modifications.

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Hi Jason - Thanks a lot, I will try this one.


Sumit G.

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Hi Jason,

   As per your mentioned, same change will be done in GP. But as per client requirment only change will be done threw SEPM.


Sumit G.

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I have not tried this mentioned doc as per some audit reason, I will try the same at today and revert back


Sumit G.

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Hi Pete,

    Ur Mentioned document is helpful to me thanks a lot for sharing the same...


Sumit G.