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Regex scanning - has anyone had any success?

Created: 06 Feb 2008 • Updated: 24 May 2010 | 2 comments

I administer an installation of SMS SMTP 5.1 (patch 187) and since installing it last year, I have been unable to get the system to filter out messages containing specific regular expressions.

I have even attempted to follow the example given at:
(I am not interested in filtering out comment tags in particular but that was the only article I could find on the subject of regexes).

and am unable to catch my test messages.  I have chosen to modify the subject and the messages go through unaltered.

Has anybody had any success with SMS SMTP in getting it to filter regexes?  Could there be some sort of trick I'm missing?

Adam Glover
ADS Tech IT Dept

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I found time to get back to this and now it is solved.

It looks like one important thing was left out of the example provided by symantec:  wildcards to the left and right.  Without it, you won't match a regex unless that's all that is contained in the parts being searched.  (123A...B...C...D456 won't match against "A...B...C...D" but it will against ".*A...B...C...D.*" )

It seems obvious that way anyway but it wasn't so obvious from their example...

Just something to remember for anyone else having problems matching regexes...

Adam Glover
ADS Tech IT Dept

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If you are on windows (any version), you can use biterscripting - it seems to have more flexibility in scanning for regular expressions. It supports


one printable char
one nonprintable char
one any char
one from a set of chars
one NOT in a set of chars
any number of printable chars
any number of non-printable chars
any number of any chars
a fixed string
a fixed char
etc. (I am not sure I remember all of them.)


I believe it is available for free download at .


Sen Hu