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Regular Expressions (RegEx) within Correlation rules

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Trying to determine the proper regex format/strcuture that SSIM uses.  I have used regex in the past with much success in other applications and event filters.

However, the SSIM rules seems to have a different allowable regex format.  Example below.

Came across a malware streams with a specific format.


where the .php?info= and the _ are all in the same place with random letters and number within the URL.

A quick and dirty Regex to match this is the following.


The SSIM rules match is not catching any of the URLs with the pattern.  I tried incrementally adding the pieces and get to the special characters ? = and _ with varying degrees of success using \ and \\ prior to the ? but not the other characters.

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Did you used 'matches' operator?

If yes, and it didn't worked then try this:


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I did use 'matches'.  I will try the suggested regex.

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Regular Expression is default in greedy mode. So you can't typical translate the sentence into regex in a one for one method.  Try this


I know it looks complex but that RegEx, before and after encryption, they look the same


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When you try SK Ooi's solution use the ^regex$ format as antilles said. If that does not work try this one:



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The regex has to match the entire value being compared to trigger.  That's why your regex didn't work. Becaue your matching the whole value, I'm not what a ^ at the begining or $ at the end does for you, although it shouldn't hurt any.


Just to get it started, you might just try:


Assuming that works for you as a test, then you can replace the dot asterick at the beginning with something more efficient.

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Thanks for pointing that out, Laszlo2 and mathell.

Just in case the attack string starts to mutate and start using "/" or "\". Let's make a cryptic RegEx look even better :)


I did try out the above on a RegEx engine.

Hope this helps