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Reinigungsjob schlägt fehl

Created: 13 May 2014 | 12 comments

Hallo Community,

wir haben gerade das Problem das der Reinigungsjob, welches für den Tapewechsler, eingerichtet ist. Immer fehl schlägt. Wir haben Schacht 8 als Reinigsungsschacht definiert und in diesem ist auch ein entsprechendes Reinigungsband eingelegt. Das Reinigungsband wird auch unter BackupExec richtig erkannt und angezeigt.

Wenn der Job startet wird auch das Band aus Schacht 8 in das Laufwerk eingelegt. Aber dann schlägt der Job Fehl.

Wenn ich die Reinigung über die Website vom Loader (Tandberg) durchführe wird diese richtig ausgeführt. Von daher sollte der Loader und das Band ok sein. Auch die Test welche über die Website durchgeführt werden können zeigen kein Problem.

Backup Exec läuft auf einen Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit.
Backup Exec hat die Version 14.0 Rec. 1798 (64bit)

Folgende Fehlermeldung erhalten wir:
(Server: "BACKUP") (Auftrag: "Laufwerk reinigen 00008") Laufwerk reinigen 00008 -- Der Auftrag schlug mit folgendem Fehler fehl: Medien des Wechslers der physischen Datenträger nicht gefunden.

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pkh's picture

Did you designate the slot which contains the cleaning tape as a cleaning slot. If not, right-click on the slot and check the cleaning slot property

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I forgot to give this information, i already designate the slot as the cleaning slot, yep.

I've checked that several times before opend this thread.

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See if this KB helps ~

Additionally, do ensure Backup Exec is fully updated and Symantec drivers are being used for the tape drive & Microsoft driver is being used for the changer.

jwork's picture

I've checked the KB and tried all hints there. But the Jobs still fails. The Backup Exec Version is the latest. The controller was added 2 month ago and we updated all. Just to make it clear, the Cleaningjob wasnt runing before we changed the controller while the whole loader wasnt working with the old controler.

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Out of curiousity, does the cleaning job hang in the Backup Exec UI and then eventually fails ?

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Thats a good question. After around 1min and 44 sec the Job fails, but i am not getting more information about the error as i posted before.

I've just created another cleanup job to make sure that not the jobs is the problem. But the new job fails at the same time.

When the job fails the Cleanup Tape is still in the Drive, i have to move it back to the slot over the Loader Website.

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As a test, set the value of DioDrivers to 0 (located at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Adamm\)

Reboot the server and rerun the cleaning job and observe if it fails or not.

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Make sure that the HBA does not support RAID.  Support for HBA's with RAID capabilities is limited.  See this document

Run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility against the tape library/drive.  Make sure you select the write test and that you have stopped all the BE services beforehand.

jwork's picture

What have this to do with a RAID? Maybe you wanted to post this on another thread? If i am wrong please let me know ;)

pkh's picture

If your controller supports RAID, then your tape library will not work.  I don't post frivolous comments.  Read my comment again.

jwork's picture

The Backupjobs with the Loaderlibrary are working well, there are no problem. Only the Cleanupjob isnt working.

The loader is connected to the PC with a Adaptec AIC-9410w SAS/SATA-Controller.

When i understand you right if the controller supports RAID no job will work...but as i wrote before the Backupjobs are working.

pkh's picture

Your HBA supports RAID and is not in the limited list of RAID HBA that is supported.  As it is unsupported, it may work or it may not.  It will explain all the problems that you are having with your library.