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Reinstall Recovery Solution Agent without registration prompt

Created: 04 Apr 2012 • Updated: 04 Apr 2012 | 2 comments
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On occasion, we have cause to uninstall and reinstall the Altiris 7.1 Agent in our environment. We are also running Recovery Solution which is uninstalled along with the rest of the Altiris Agent.  After reinstallation completes for all subagents (including Recovery Solution via its default installation policy), everything goes smoothly until the afftected user reboots. Upon rebooting, the user is prompted to register their Recovery Solution agent with the recovery server. The popup simply requires the user to click on OK, but we really need a way to ensure that the user isn't prompted at all after the reinstallation has occured.

Has anyone figured out how to suppress the re-registration prompt for Recovery Solution? Alternatively, is there a way to uninstall/reinstall the Altiris Agent while leaving the existing Recovery installation in tact?


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I am still on 6.2 because we have not moved to Win 7 yet. I have successfully performed a complete uninistall by running the AeXAgentUtil.exe with switch /clean at the end. You don't get any prompts but in a a few min the Altiris DIR would be empty. I find it better when you Drag & Drop the AeXAgentUtil.exe directly to the RUN field and just type /clean at the end. Would look like this: "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXAgentUtil.exe" /clean

After the uninstall you can install directly to the server it was on before without prompting to re-associate or register using follwing command: 'X:\HTA\HTA\Agent\AgentSetup.exe" /Server:FQDN;https;443 /initialsnapshot:0

(X:\ would be the directory the installer is located and FQDN would be the server fully qualified domain name. So basically if your installer is on c:\ and your server name was US1234 and you work for AOL (just saying) it may look a little like 'C:\HTA\HTA\Agent\AgentSetup.exe" /Server:US1234.AOL.US.COM;https;443 /initialsnapshot:0

PS. You may need to install Altiris sepratly after the clean uninstall. Hope this helps..

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Regarding the uninstall/reinstall...We had a VBScript at one point that dumped the registry for RS to a .reg file (using regedit.exe), uninstalled the agent, reinstalled, then reimported the RS reg info.  Mind you this for for Altiris 5.5 to 6.0 migration, but it did work.  Haven't had to use it for a long time though.

I think the only way to get around that would be a customized reinstall process that passed the name of the original account via the /Comp: switch, along with the /Server: switch. 

Other thoughts would include a VBScript or WISE Script that ran at the first startup after reinstall that watched for that window to popup, then automatically clicks the Register and OK buttons, but I think the user would still see them (due to the normal post-bootup "grind" of services, etc starting).

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