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Reinstalling EV 10.0.1 binaries on top of existing installation

Created: 26 Sep 2012 • Updated: 27 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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We have some file corruption in EV install directory,

If we reinstall EV on top of existing installation, that shouldn't cause any issues, correct?

Also it shouldn't change any setting on reg key or any files added later such as webapp.ini ?

Many Thanks

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Re-Installing binaries will not cause any issue but make sure archiving task is not running

during installation.

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Normally I would agree, but above answer not quite right as you asked "Also it shouldn't change any setting on reg key or any files added later such as webapp.ini ?"

It does make a modification to the registry and if you have a hotfixes installed then it will over written the files. If you don't reinstall the hotfix then it can cause an issue for you. 

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Agrred with CareFeeX. Reintalling EV binaries will reset settings and registry and additional files.

WebApp.ini, Enable and Disable Messages and ExchangeServers.txt etc and you need to re-run oawuser.wsf and EVMOM etc. if you have these enabled on the EV server. Make sure you have the existing EV binaries folder (\Enterprise Vault) backed up first.

You will also need to re-apply any hotfix that you previously applied on the corrupted binaries.

Hope that helps.

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None of those files will actually be changed by reinstalling the binaries unless you remove the application first.

Obviously do your back of the directory 'just in case', but Webapp.ini, enable/disable messages, exchangeservers.txt will all remain, just as if you had done an upgrade from, say, EV9 sp3, or base version of EV10.

EVOM also, which is basically a deployed website in IIS (MonitoringWebApp), and the EVANON website which was set up by running OWAUser.wsf will also remain unchanged unless you decide to remove Enterprise Vault completely and run the application setup again.

What will change is the upgradepath registry key, and any hotfixes which were deployed afterwards.  And....err...thats about it - as CareFreeX said.

A deployment scanner captured to a CAB file will not only capture all your customizations (custom filters etc) but if you look at the EVFileVersions, will allow you to determine which patches have been applied. You might even get this information by running it through the deployment scanner summary tool:

By the way, EV 10.0.2 is just about out now so you could download and apply that instead...and get some nice new features to boot :)



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Hi Jeff,

That's a very good explaination, love seeing this type of answers in connect forum.

Keep up the good work :-)

Many Thanks