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reinstalling notification server, database corrupt

Created: 01 Feb 2010 • Updated: 01 Nov 2010 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

After spending 2 weeks to fix the issues we have with the NS server, we came to realization that we would have to reinstall notification server (CMSL1) due to the database being beyond repair and a previous installation of LOCAL SECURITY SOLUTION that has not uninstalled cleanly.

has anyone undertaken this task, maybe share your experiences.
I'm aware that I can export things like custom collections and I'm not to concerned about user/pc data, theoretically all that information will populate back into the new database once pc's resend their inventories.

my concerns is to save the patches and packaged software which also has been replicated to 100 package servers.

any help on this would be great

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1) Disable all your custom software delivery tasks and patch managment policies.

2) Export the various trees - Software Delivery task, Patch Management Task (probably optional for both if you don't intend to recreate them). The clients will always be looking for any active tasks\packages assigned to them. So if they were disabled before you rebuilt, that's a big step. However, if you're going to use the same policies and tasks again, it will save you a ton of time.

3) Export the Software Delivery packages and (optional) Patch Management packages.

4) Export any custom reports and collections (be sure not to use the same names as your tasks or packages export - they will overwrite if you're not careful).

5) Note any specific settings you have set - purging, check in times, bandwidth throttling, etc.

Keep in mind that, due to a Microsoft limitation, that .xml files, can only be of a certain size when you import them, or it gets rejected. So, break the exports down, just as you have them listed in the console (pilot, test, business group, etc).

I'm sure there's more, but you've got a bit of tough task ahead. We will be happy to help.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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Symantec support found a solution to my issue.

Article (Uninstalling Application Control prevents some solutions from functioning properly 41783)

I did not expect it to fix anything as they were giving suggestions for two weeks with no success, but it worked.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me.