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Relation between Inv_ClientTasks and SWDPackage

Created: 12 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I need a report where I see the following informations:

Hostname - installed Software (including version, edition, service pack) -  packagename - package location

Actually I found the table Inv_ClientTasks for a lot of my needed Infos. Furthermore I found in SWDPackage the Package Location.

Unfortunately I dont find any relation bewtween Inv_ClientTasks and SWDPackage.

Does anybody has an idea?

Maybe a better table / view to get all these informations?

These informations above mentionend are a small extract of my needed infos :-)

Where I can find a database diagram where I can see all relations between the tables?



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It really depends what you are after.

Client Task as the name implies relate to tasks executed on the agent. But it doesn't necessarily include Software Delivery or else.

Have you check the SWD Execution event class table?

This would be a good start to find out which software packages executed on computers :D.

Ludovic FERRÉ
Principal Remote Product Specialist

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We are using Version 6.x so I have look into Inv_AeX_SWD_Execution_Summary table.

Now I have my Systemname and the packages which was installed on it. But I always got all packages which was installed - I only want to have the latest packages :-)

My current SQL statement:

select DISTINCT SWDExSum._ResourceGuid , InvACIdent._ResourceGuid ,  InvACIdent.Name, SWDExSum.PackageName, SWDExSum.PackageId  
from Inv_AeX_SWD_Execution_Summary SWDExSum
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.SWDPackage SWDPackage on SWDPackage.PackageId = SWDExSum.PackageId
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification InvACIdent on InvACIdent._ResourceGuid =  SWDExSum._ResourceGuid
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.Inv_ClientTasks InvCT on InvCT._ResourceGuid = InvACIdent._ResourceGuid
where SWDPackage._Latest = '1'
ORDER BY InvACIdent.Name

Does anybody can help me how to change it that I only have the latest package each productcode?

In these SQL I got 50 Adobe Acrobat Reader for example, but I only want to have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Package which was installed on a system.

Thanks and best regards,