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Remote Agent for backup 2010 fails to connect to server

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

Error                  : e0000f04 - The media server could not connect to the
remote computer. The remote computer may not be running the Backup Exec  
Remote Agent for Windows/Linux. Make sure that the correct version of the Remote
Agent is installed and running on the target computer.
Agent used                     : No
Advanced Open File Option used : Yes

I checked the remote server and the agent says its running when I go to services. I stopped and started the service several times and nothing is fixed. Our backup server can't connect to it. It connects to other servers fine but not this one.

Unistall od the agent fails. (I was trying to uninstall and then try to reinstall.)

Also I cannot push the agent install out to the remote server. Everything fails.

I also cannot seem to manually remove the Symantec folder in Windows Explorer.

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Can you post logs from the remote server as to what is happening there? Do you get this error when you try to run a backup job?

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Hi Roger,

On the remote server open up the Remote Agent Utility.     This is located at  Start > All Programs > Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers > Backup Exec Remote Agent Utility   make sure "Enable the Remote Agent to publish information to the media servers in the list" is checked     then verify under the publishing tab that the name and or IP of the media server is listed.  If the IP isnt there click add and add it.

What version of Backup Exec are you using? 

Is this a Linux running a VM?  If it is please try the backup without GRT enabled.  see:

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The error mssg I posted was from a backup job.

There are several log files on the remote server. Not sure which one you want to see.

The last error is from when I tried to unistall the remote agent. It ends up with..

10-10-2012,07:49:45 : AgentSeqDlgs::PostInstallActions 

10-10-2012,07:49:45 : AgentSeqDlgs::PostInstallActions encountered unexpected error: Access to the path 'Resdll_EN.dll' is denied. 

10-10-2012,07:49:46 : The return value for Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems returned error code: 1603 

10-10-2012,07:49:46 : Clean up Symantec installer keys. 

10-10-2012,07:49:46 : AgentSeqDlgs::Misc_BE_CommonOps 

10-10-2012,07:49:46 : The Installation Failed! 

10-10-2012,07:49:46 : The return code is: 1603

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Publishing tab enable checkbox is greyed out. No info in either of the 2 dialog windows.

Also this is backup exec 2010 running on win 2003 server for both the server and remote server.

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When I click on the publishing tab I get a dialog box popup saying...

"Unable to obtain settings for remote agent publishing from the registry"

I then click OK and the dialog box goes away and the publishing info is blank and the checkbox is grayed out.

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My sys admin says he ran cc cleaner on the server this morning, but backups have been failing on this server for 2 weeks.

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Hi Roger,

It looks like your remote agent installation has gotten corrupted and you need to do a manual uninstall of the remote agent.  Go ahead and follow the steps here

to reinstall see here

hope this helps