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Remote Agent error when no remote agent used?

Created: 07 Feb 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

I have a Compaq 20/40 DLT tape drive that has no problem previously backing up 33.5GB and now it will not go past 25GB. It will stop around the 25GB mark and stop. Whenever I go to look at it it's normally at a Running state and I have to cancel the job. I look in the job log and this is the error that comes up every time. It's strange though because I am using no remote agents.

"The network connection to the Backup Exec Remote Agent has been lost. Please check for network errors.
A timeout occurred waiting for completion of media server data processing."

Please advise on how I should proceed.

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Your local machine which runs Backup Exec also has remote agent running on it, so even if you are running all local jobs if that service shuts down you will receive that message inclduing the statement "the network connection..."

Check your service applet on the BE media server and see if that service is running. Perhaps something is knocking it offline.

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This error could be occurring due to following reasons:

1. Heavy network traffic
2. Network congestion
3. Remote agent timeouts

If the issue is related to Remote Agent Timeout Issue, perform the following steps:

1. Confirm that the Remote Agent service is running, at the latest revision of Backup Exec, and that another application running is not blocking or conflicting with the same ports the Remote Agent uses.

2. Run the Windows Error Checking and Disk Defragmentation Utilities to confirm that the backup is not hanging on a heavily fragmented hard disk or a bad disk block.

3. Update the Network Card Drivers on the media server . Make sure also that the Link Speed/Duplex Values are set properly on all machines and that networking errors are not occurring in the Windows Event Viewer Logs. Check the event logs also for any other warnings, errors, or normal events that may take place when the backups run.;...;...

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