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remote agent uninstall/install 2010 R2

Created: 05 Sep 2014 | 9 comments


I have a little problem with Backup exec remote agent.

The agents needs updating so I run the update but it didn`t complete. It shows that some *.msi file from C:\Windows\Installer\ is missing. 

So I then tried to uninstall the remote agent. It fails with the same error. 

So then I used this:

When I followed the procedure I found that some registry keys are already missing.  

Then I restarted the server. 

And now I cant install remote backup agent becouse it installs for over 4 hours now and still nothing. No progress no error mesages.

Any help ?

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You need to do the following:

1. Backup your registry...

2. Search the registry and delete all entries relating to the remote agent (search for Symantec).

3. Delete all temporary installation files from disk, and the installed directory.

4. Try a push-installation from the media server.


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You do not update the remote agents by applying updates to them directly. You just update the media server. This will also update the remote agent. You then push out the remote agents again to the remote servers

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I tried to update via media server. I got the same error, thats why I tried to update it directly.

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try stopping and disabling any AV on that server and running the install as an Administrator.

also, might want to consider upgrading to Backup Exec 2010R3.  It is a much more solid version than Backup Exec 2010R2. BE2010R3 can be downloaded from here: 

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I tried to run LiveUpdate and it says that my Backupexec is up to date. However I know thats not true becouse there are some hotfixes that I dont have...

I will probably need to update manualy.

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Is there any way to save settings on R2  that I already have and migrate them to new R3 installation ? 

I will uninstall R2 and then do a new R3 installation. 

An some other thing:

Is there a way to make an exe file from this not an ISO ?  So I can just doubleclick to install it.

CraigV's picture need to stop the BE services, and grab copies of the Data & Catalog folders. Then you can proceed to your upgrade with a rollback in place.

the link below is for the full ISO:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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So Im doing a clean install and I get this msg:

The Backup Exec database version you are trying to use does not match the version of this install. Schema changes have been pefrormed on this database which do not match the executables curently being installed.  Install will not be able to continue at this time. Please visit Symantec support web site for more information.

I already fixed this. Backup exec didnt delete its installation directory. So I renamed it.

Now I just need to install robotic library back into Backup exec.

Is there a way to find out what jobs were there in previus installation of backupexec. And archive data ?

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You can put the catalog folder back by following this document.  Stop  BKUPEXEC service and make a copy of the current Data and Catalog folder first.