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Remote Mgmt of Mobile Device

Created: 14 Aug 2012 • Updated: 14 Aug 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Mobile Management > Device Management > Manage Mobile Devices > I right click on my device and from the drop down menu I select Device Management > Lock Device but the Device never locks.

The GCM Settings are configured and outbound ports are all opened?  Do I need to open the following port for inbound too

  • 5228, 5229 and 5230

The Nlog shows:   2012-08-14 09:02:35.7144 INFO  Sending gcm notification to Device with DeviceId: A1C28F858CD573081DC936B277B9E428.


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For GCM you need outbound port 443, yes it works and it is enough smiley

However in some environments, specially when there is a proxy the push fails (rare)

1- Try to have the device on mobile data

2- be sure that you have green mark in the android agent status "The push client is registered"

3- if you are using an android 4.0.4 or lower a gmail account has to be set on the device and play is running in the background (clearing the memory might kill the thread)

4- if you change any GCM settings, then reenroll the agent. and you have to be sure that the push client is registered.

5- check the agent logs incase the registration fails it will mention it.

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On the Android Log I see the following ...


Collapse_key = 'LOCK" data = "************* from = '2312312312312"  this number is my google project id.  Looks like the command is hitting my droid but for some reason the screen/device is not locking ...

1- device is on mobile data

2 -Push client is regidtered and is green

3- my Android is 4.0.4 and why would I need play and gmail accnt?smiley

Thanks for your input Mina.

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ok .. issue is resolved I can lock device now.  It was Security Settings on the ndroid.

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Yes, you have to set the agent as device administrator.

You always solve your cases for yourself :)

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LOL ... yes ... I am aggresively working on it.. Its a huge learning curve for me at this point ...

I have the goal to move 1000 BBusers from BES to this new product SMM7.2 MR1... also learning how to use ndroids .... still a test setup ... Next goal is to lock down the devices from the server side and push/assign custom made apps to the ndorids ....

More questions are coming ... so stay tuned cheeky