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Removal of servers from resource credentials list in BE 2012

Created: 28 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

I noticed when doing a credential check on a Vmware server, that it lists virtual machines that no longer exist. When you edit the backup to select which virtuals to back up, they are not listed, but when you run a credential check they are. I also noticed the same thing on a physical machine, listing a drive that no longer exists. Is there a way to refresh or remove these from whatever config file or database that contains them?

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pkh's picture

If I am not mistaken, what you described is due to the fact that there are still backup sets that reference these old resources.  When these backup sets are deleted/removed, then these resources will disappear.

Colin Weaver's picture

This is an already known issue although the document regarding it is not public ( I believe because the workaround requires direct editing within the Backup Exec database

If you log a formal support case and quote internal article TECH198819 then an engineer should be able to assist you with the required edits.

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Can't be that, it's listing virtual machines that I've never backed up before, but have since deleted after the virtual agent was installed. So it saw them when the agent was installed, and it still shows them after they've been removed.

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It probably saw and enumerated them the first time you connected to your vCenter or ESX host and as such may still relate to what I posted above. Note: I am only reading someone elses notes on the issue and as such the exact way that the list is populated in the first place is not dicussed, only the fact that there  is a problem with the credentials list for virtual machines showing systems that no longer exist.

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Colin, I was replying to the previous poster who said I had backups that contained those servers. I agree with you, it's a database issue that symantec would want to fix themselves. It's not just virtuals though, I've got a physical server that had a G:\ drive at one point, I never backed it up, and it's no longer connected, but it still shows up and fails when you run a credential check.