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Created: 11 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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How can i set the command to uninstall any application(VLC, Office) through the Altiris Management.?

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Hi James,

I have tried this article but it not helpfull to me. I am usning 7.1 version of Altiris.


Sumit G.

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Hi Sumit,

To run uninstallation through Altiris ITMS you need to perform following steps:

1) Import software for which you want to run uninstalation to Software Catalog (if it is not yet there).

2) Ensure that Uninstall command line is properly defined for the software. Specify it if it is not created as part of the import (Uninstall command lines created automatically only for MSI files).

3a) Create Quick Delivery task using the software resource and select Uninstall command line type in it. Run this task on clients from which you want to remove this software. Note that in case of Quick Delivery task uninstall command line will be executed even on clients where software is not installed if such a client are included to target for the task.

3b) More advanced way of doing the same as on step 3a is to created Managed Delivery policy selecting Uninstall command line. In this case I suggest you to ensure that proper detection check exists for the software resource for which uninstall is performed. This will allow to check where software is installed on the clients prior to executing Uninstall command line.

More information about Altiris Software Management Solution can be found in User Guide for this solution and in set of Best Practices articles available on SymConnect (just perform search by "Symantec Software Management 7.1 Best Practices").



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Only one difference is between 7 and 7.1 Software UI - legacy software UI is changed by activity center UI (based on silverlight). All basic functionality is the same.
You may access to the legacy ui by following path:
SMC -> Setting -> All settings -> Notification Server -> Console Serttings -> Views -> Software -> Software Catalig
After that you may use article mentioned by James007
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Hi Team,

I have one creack software in which .exe and .msi file exist, but it is of Approx. 4MB. Now i have to include msi file in software catalog, will it work?

Or is there any other way to add because  i have already add this msi file but it is not working. Overall Software size is 180 MB. So please guide for the same.


Sumit G.

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What is creack software ?

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I mean that crack/freeware software installed in network which i want to remove.


Sumit G.

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Create a software resource, including any files needed for uninstallation as part of a package, and then write an uninstall command line that runs against the files/scripts you included in the package.  Create a detection rule that detects when the crack/freeware software is installed.  Save the software resource.  Create a managed software delivery policy for the software resource and assign it to all computers.  It will execute on all computers and, if the crack/freeware software is found (detection rule = true), the uninstall command line will run, uninstalling the software.

Be sure to test and pilot before assigning to all computers in production to ensure you have the expected behavior.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner