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Remove Computer from all Assigned Policies

Created: 04 Sep 2013 | 3 comments

Hello all, 

There is a post on this already but it's been some time since anyone has commented on it:

I wanted to re-post in hopes to get some fresh eyes on this. I am aware there was a script using ASDK in 6.9, and also in 7.1, however the idea is not to get that involved. Here is what i am looking to do. I'd like to strip a computer down to almost initial deployment keeping all asset and basic inventory, asset location and/or owner change. Basically removing all previously assigned policies (mainly software). This is done when a user has left the firm, or for a hardware swap. Currently, as you may have read from the link above, we are manually deleting such policies from the policy summary page within resource manager. I am currently in SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks in advance

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So I thought I found a way to do this with the follwoing method:

1) Right Click and set the computer to 'Retired'

2) Right Click and run the Cleanup Inventory CMDB task.


Wipes out basic machine info and seems to take the machine out of the Filter Membership, but NOT the actual filter as a resource. See attached file.

Any ideas why the machine is not in the Filter membership when i perform the above tasks, BUT is still a resource in the filter?

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The reason why the machine does not show up is because only computers with the status "Active" are members of filters.

If you have manually added a computer into a filter, it will still show up in the selection screen, but it is not counted as a member, until the status is active.

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PeeGee Thanks, 

Any idea on how to achieve this without having to manually unassigned the machine from all its software filters?