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Remove the DLP

Created: 28 Jun 2013 • Updated: 13 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have install DLP Installed with password, now i am trying to uninstall manually and it is asking for password

i am providing the same password which have used while installation but it is not accepted, pls assist.

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kishorilal1986's picture

Dear Chin,

DLP agent will install with any password that you provide but during uninstallation it will compare the inbuilt PGP hash value of provided that initially you need to add hash generated password which can be genreated throgh PGP.dll and Uninstallation password provided by symantec.

In your case your correct password is converted to internally hash and mismatches.Read below


The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe creates an uninstall password key which is used within Install_Agent.bat.

The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe is included with the 11.1 Agent Tools. This tool is used to generate the value you use for UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY within the Install_Agent.bat file.

The tool must be in the same directory as PGPsdk.dll.

The following is an example of how to create a key hash to use for the UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY value.

UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe -xp=the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa

example output of tool: 8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E

example format to use in Install_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY="8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E"

example format to use with Uninstall_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORD="the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa"

kishorilal1986's picture

Chin if ur problem still not resolved the logged the syamntec support ticket for this issue they have sufficieent solution on that. They have specialize tool to resolves such issues.