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Remove duplicate local backupexec server list

Created: 24 Aug 2012 | 9 comments

i've the same problem as leeMG has:

my question is, which entry i have to edit, how can i remove the entry

i have an entry with the fqdn of the server where all backups are selected. and I've rather stupidly added the backupexec server twice without fqdn, only the servername...

kind regards, hope someone can explain how to fix this


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You should log a case with Symantec to edit BEDB.

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I would just like to comment that I did the same thing and opened a case with Symantec but they were unable to figure out how to remove the duplicate entry.  They had me run a "restore from base" on the server, which basically wiped out everything, including the duplicate name.

Since the servers were now wiped out, I just uninstalled Backup Exec and reinstalled to get the correct name to show up.

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I messed around with this a little more and was able to find the appropriate place to remove the duplicates.

Here are the steps I followed:

 1- Stop Backup Exec services.

 2- Open SQL Management Studio and expand BEDB database.  Locate dbo.ResourceContainer, right-click and select Open Table.

 3- Find the duplicate entry and delete that row.

 4- Restart the SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) service.

 5- Start Backup Exec services.

That should do it.

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But I have another issue. I cannot find SQL Server instance in local Backup Exec server in selection list.

How to solve this issue to display SQL Server instance ?

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If you have a service called SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) on media server then you should be licensed for SQL Agent to view the SQL Instance. 

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I can view their SQL Server instance in other two Backup Exec server even if they have not installed SQL Server Agent. 

I want to ask whether all SQL Server instance can be displayed only when Agent for SQL Server installed only.

Do you have method to solve? Such as edit BEDB to display SQL Server instance itself.

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the instance can be viewed if sql agent is installed in trial or licensed. Editing the bedb would not help

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Even if  the instance of SQL Server instance in Backup Exec Server (SQL Server express that come from Backup Exec 2012 instance) need license to view?

Why I can view SQL Server instance in other Backup Exec Server that do not have license for Application and Database?