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Remove Start Menu Shortcut

Created: 27 Dec 2007 • Updated: 17 Aug 2010 | 5 comments

Is there a way to remove the Start Menu "Symantec Endpoint Protection" shortcut?  Seems like very time we move it or delete it, it just comes right back.  The software may think this is a virus attack because we removed the shortcut?

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you can control this from the client install settings
Click Admin, Install Packages, Client Install Settings, create a new Client Install Settings option and look at the item "Add the program to the start menu"
You can then use this to create an installation package that doesnt install the icon OR you could use it to deploy a package to an existing SEPM group to remove the icon from already installed clients

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What about for clinet machines (without central management) with the product already installed?
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also is it possible to put the start menu to a custom location
i.e. start menu\programs\Utils\sep or something similar

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I have created client install settings that specify to not install the start menus shortcut.  However, there only seems to be an option to use these settings when exporting a package.  I cannot use the "updage group with package" option since it doesn't ask for client install settings, it just takes the defaults.  I'm using the latest R5 5002 client/server. 

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Had the same problem .. change the properties on the shortcut (right click item in start menu / or do from explorer) ..
make the file hidden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   works like a charm.  Sym still sees it there.  Win start menu ignores it for display.