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Removing NetBackup 6.5 client - leaves pbx_exchange directory and files that I cannot remove.

Created: 14 May 2010 • Updated: 19 Jun 2010 | 3 comments
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We are eliminating NetBackup from our company and I am trying to remove the client from various servers.  When I do the uninstall, it leaves a "\Program Files\Veritas\VxPBX" directory and sub-directories hanging around.  If I try to manually delete them it tells me they are in use - so it appears the uninstall does not cleanly remove everything.

Doing some research, I found a "Symantec Private Branch Exchange" that was left on the server that did not get removed.  It points to an EXE in that directory mentioned above.  Since SEP is also this server, I am wondering if NetBackup and SEP were sharing the same service?  Why would SEP use a service in the "VERITAS" directory - thus preventing clean uninstalls of NetBackup?  Is this by design, or is there I way to get rid of that service without breaking SEP?


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Netbackup isn't  the only application that uses pbx_exchange, so it make sense so leave pbx running. As far as I can recall, pbx_exchange has it own uninstall option in the control panels "add/remove programs".

SEP - Do you have Symantec Endpoint Protection running ?. (I guess Endpoint Protection uses pbx_exchnage CORBA function as well)

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Symantec bought Veritas (the company) so they share some code.

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