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Removing SAn storage from a Solaris server without leaving a Solaris signature on disk

Created: 07 Aug 2012 | 3 comments


What is the correct procedure to be used to remove SAN disks from a Solaris host, destroying the disks and removing any Solaris signatures on the disks.

Example, lets say I am removing a volume, its disk group and all its disks from a Solaris host. This is the way I see the steps

1. Destroy the volume (vxassist -g **** remove volume *****)
2. Remove the disks from the disk group (vxdg -g diskgroup rm ******)
3. Delete the disk group (vxdg destroy *******)
4. Offline the disks that were in the disk group (vxdisk offline ******)
5. Remove the disk from Sf Control (vxdisk rm ******)
6.Stop SF deamon (vxdctl disable)
7. Stop SF EventSource (vxddladm stop eventsource)
8. Remove all SAN disk mapping and masking)
9. Rescan Solaris host for changes (devfsadm -Cv)
10. Rescan Solaris (cfgadm -l)
11. Start SF eventsource
12. Start SF deamon

Disks should now have been removed from the Solaris host and all Solaris signatures removed from disks.

Am I missing any steps

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Gaurav Sangamnerkar's picture

You are missing one step of doing an unsetup (taking the disk out of vxvm control) in between ..

I would suggest that to be a step 4 .

# vxdiskunsetup -C cxtxdx

then u can offline, remove & continue with next steps, rest looks ok to me ..


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TonyGriffiths's picture


If there is sensitive data on the disk, then SFHA 6.0 has the ability to shred it with the vxdiskunsetup -o shred option.



IdaWong's picture

just curious, why do you need to offline the disk before vxdisk rm? why do you need to remove all volume first before vxdg destroy?

i am wondering what is the benefit.