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removing SQL databases

Created: 17 Jul 2013 | 18 comments

Hi everyone.

In my Backup Selection List I have a number of SQL Server databases being displayed.  2 of these databases; Microsoft SQL Server "BLACKBERRY" and Microsoft SQL Server "SQLEXPRESS" are no longer valid databases (Blackberry Enterprise Server has been uninstalled), yet they persist in the backup selection list and generate an error when the backup is run (I don't know why as neither are selected).

I have opened the SQL Server Management Studio Express and confirmed that neither database exists.

I have checked the Services and can see that only 3 x MSSQL$ databases exist, none of which are BLACKBERRY or SQLEXPRESS.

Can anyone tell me how to remove non-existent SQL databases from the Backup Selection screen/window?

BE 10.0 Rev 5520 SP4


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In the backup job properties - under selections - go to the Text View of your selection list. Remove any entries you see for those two databases - Save changes and check back to confirm.

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Open backup selection and select view selection details. It will show all databases listed select Blackberry and delete it.


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Hi and thanks fo the response.

Perhaps I didn't explain it properly.

I never backed up this SQL DB, it has never been in a selection list.  Yes, I know how to change to text mode and remove resources that no longer exist.

In this case, the SQL DB is displayed in the list of resources to be backed up even though the database does not exist.

When/how does BE interrogate an SQL server to determine what DB's there are?  How do I get it to refresh so it removes a DB that no longer exists?

As you can see in the attached image, there are a number of SQL databases.  2 of them no longer exist.  How do I remove them from BE?

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Have you attempted the initial basic steps? like:

1. Restart all Backup Exec Services from BE Console

2. Right click on the media server name in selection list - select Refresh

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Hello Andrew,
    How much time has happened after the database are removed from actual location. I remember the function which help to populate that information in selection list has some Cache value due to which it will show up in the selections. Not sure if the cache values is in days or not.

Will confirm and let you know.


Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Do u see the invalid databases in new selection list as well if yes than try uninstalling remote agent on the server in question reinstall it create a new job to confirm If issue is resolved or not

Please mark this post as solution if this helps u resolve the issue

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Hi Sush and mustansir,

The BLACKBERRY database was uninstalled from the local machine (ie media server) less than 2 weeks ago using the BB uninstaller (I uninstalled BES entirely).  It left the database behind.

Yes, I see both databases in a new selection list.  As the DB is on the media server there is no remote agend to uninstall.


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Hello andrew thanks for the its media server try uninstalling the sql agent license however when u remove sql agent license make sure u remove it from the selection on the next page where it gives u option to add new options in trial than run install...this will remove all sql related files from be...once done that than try reinstalling the sql agent license and than check...

Hopefully this should resolve the issue

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My bad, should have mentioned that the media server is also the SBS2003 box.

There is no SQL agent to uninstall.

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FYI, when I try to 'refresh' the non-existent SQL servers, the following message is displayed.

An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of SERVER\SQLDB. A network connection to the server could not be established.

On the right side of the selection pane 'Query Failed' is displayed.

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once you remove the databases did you reboot the server, if not done yet, try rebooting the server once and than check in new selection list if old databases show up in there.

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I don't think the server has been rebooted.  I will schedule one for later in the week or the weekend.

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The screenshot that you have shared shows a list of sql instance and not the databases

Database resides under an instance

I think the sql instance services are running even after the databases are deleted.

Try to stop the service and you will be sorted.

Technical Support


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Kunal as per the above post blackberry instance was removed however it was still visible under selections....anyways there has been no reply in this since 22 hopefully this issue is resolved

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Apologies, been away.

Haven't yet had an opportunity to reboot server as stated above, but will do so ASAP.

Yes Mus Seth, the BLACKBERRY instance has been removed (uninstalled and no associated services) yet it still is displayed in the selection list.

Will update when I have rebooted server. 

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OK, reboot had no effect.  Both instances of DB still displayed in selections.

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Could be a possible BE database corruption.

Can you try this

Also read this document before performing the steps mentioned in it as with blank databases you will loose your jobs and backup exec settings.

It will load blank database for BE (factory reset BE) so make sure you backup your "data" folder as mentioned in the document.

Technical Support