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Removing three-line login on the PGP Desktop???

Created: 12 Oct 2012 | 2 comments


for starters, we use Windows 7 mainly and that is the OS of the computer that's having the issue.

When I normaly boot up computers, I get just one line to put in the passphrase.

Note that this is not single sign on, as the users must then enter in their password as normal.

But on a computer I've just imaged, I get a three-line login asking for username, password, and domain, instead of just the nice one line passphrase login.

I want to get rid of the three-line login and just go ahead with the one line login.  thanks

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This Knowledge Base Article may help.

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Tom's right, I had that same problem and it was due to the default setting of requesting full credentials vs just a passphrase. Follow the KB article and you'll be just fine once your computers have logged in to Windows at least once to update the WDE policies.