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Rename a NetBackup media server

Created: 26 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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Is it possible to rename a media server?

The media server was added with its fully qualified name (, the administrator wants it to be registered with the hostname only (short name).

Has someone done it before?

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Simplest way (I think) is to decommission "old" server, declare "new" server on master with short name, and set alternate restore server (


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Yes media server can be renamed, but its a bit time consuming.
Firstly as said by Gautier Leblanc, you have to follow the decomm process for media server with old name.
Means you will have to remove Old Media Server from all Netbackup configuration/settings.
And then you'll have to add the New Media Server in Netbackup Configuration where ever the Old Media Server was being used.
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you can try adding alies name for the media server

nbemmcmd -machinealias -addalias -alias <mediaserver host name>  -machinetype media -machinename <medias server FQDN>

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In a simple way, can you try adding the below entry in hosts file of the media server, master server, EMM database host ( if not master server ) and even update the alias name in your network DNS entries.

Host File entry:

IPAddress hostname

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Think adding the alias in to EMM is the way to go.

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