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Rename SEPM Group with the same change on clients

Created: 14 Jan 2013 • Updated: 01 May 2013 | 6 comments



We have a problem for changing the name of our SEPM groups.

We had a movement and during it, our Bld. name and department has been changed.

Now, I want to rename current group to new one, so in first step I have do it with a test group.

Renamed it and update client, I saw that client group didn’t change to new one and after some times moved to Default Group.

Is there any solution to solve this issue and correct our group names without create new Groups/Policies and move clients to them ?

thanks for your assist.



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Hi, Sara

You can create in SEPM a new group with the given name, copy policies from the old group to new group and then move clients from the old group to new group.



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create a new group with changed name and copy the same policies and move the clients.

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Thank you.

Is there any way to Just Rename not Recreate groups ?


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you can rename the group, since you were having issues the above steps were mentioned.

what version of SEPM is used?

is there a replication setup?

when you rename the group do you receive any error? if yes can you post the picture?

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Are the clients in Push Mode or Pull mode ? Whats the heart beat interval on the clients ?

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Yes you can rename the group ?