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Renew Altiris License

Created: 14 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

I just noticed that my Recovery Solution Server expired, which I always assumed meant that my tech support was expired, but I'm coming to realize that the Recovery Solution Server doesn't function properly with an expired license and on every management screen it says "Recovery Solution license is expired. Recovery Solution will not function properly until problem is resolved. Please start Symantec Installation Manager to check the current license status or install the new license."

Just wondering how I can go about resolving this since I know the product is EOL. I want to keep using the product for the forseeable future and I don't need to add any more licenses.  I'm just not ready to move to another solution since this meets my needs.  

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I'm pretty sure you're out of luck.  Product has been end of life for years now.  Try contacting Symantec support to see if they can give you something to get by.

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Interesting, That is in direct opposition to what I was told, basically That rs could continue functioning regardless of license expiration. To be clear, these were production licenses, not trial, and you're on 7.1? In that case I would say aup doesn't apply since there is no upgrade possible, so you shouldn't have to renew. However you also lose the ability to trade in your rs licences for ssr or DLO...

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