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replaceing a Tape Drive

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 31 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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hi every one i am new to net backup i have a question like..

what are the pre checklist to replace a tape drive, And how would we conform that this tape drive is damaged. if you face this type of issue in your experiance please share(step by step) with us.

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In reverse order, you could start here with this excellent T/N:

Troubleshooting Robot or Drive Issues in NetBackup

& from there, to here:

DOCUMENTATION: How to update NetBackup for a replaced tape drive without deleting and re-adding the drive

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I recently replaced an HP LTO4 tape drive in a (Sun/Oracle) StorageTek SL48 tape library and NetBackup (7.0.1) recognized the new drive without any help from me.

I used HP's LTT utility drive test (sorry, I do have the name to the test in front of me) to convince support to replace the drive.

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Well, how to diagnose. Is it always the same drive erroring? If so, check the system message/event logs if there are reports in there especially sense errors or i/o errors you can be fairly sure it's the drive.

Can you write to the drive outside of NetBackup? If not it's a drive issue (or at lease drive/OS or SAN/SCSI).

I tend to delete drives from NetBackup and rediscover newly replaced drives as brand new drives. It's so much easier and cleaner (just my preference).